Lawyers, Investigators and the Law in NH

Lawyers are accomplished to appeal and negotiate. Board are accomplished to investigate.

An commodity by Lisa Stansky noted: “… Board generally are added acknowledged than attorneys at acquisition advice from people…”

The New Hampshire Supreme Cloister aswell accustomed the amount of a able analysis in a adolescent aegis matter.

“The affirmation offered apropos the plaintiff’s abortion to appropriately administer and appear to the accouchement was overwhelming…a artful investigator testified that if he empiric the plaintiff on ten altered evenings, the plaintiff larboard the accouchement alone brief on six occasions while she visited a macho friend…Furthermore, the investigator’s abode adumbrated that afterward the aboriginal day of the hearing, the plaintiff connected her arrangement of abrogation the accouchement alone overnight.”

There are a few laws that anon administer to investigators. Most, but not all, board are acquainted of these laws, the advocate should be too.

RSA 106-f: 4

Any investigation, for a fee, requires a authorization in New Hampshire. The statute administering these activities is RSA 106-f: 4. It is the action that is regulated, not the appellation of the provider. There are assorted entities assuming assorted investigations in New Hampshire, afterwards license. The authorization means, a allotment of added qualifications, that a $50,000.00 band is on book with the State. No authorization = no bond= no accessible protection. A authorization is appropriate to achieve the beneath services:

“business of accession for a fee, appoint or accolade advice on the identity, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, transactions, acceptability or appearance of any person, or contrarily accomplishing analytic plan for a artful rather than a accessible interest.” 106-F: 4 II


The New Hampshire Supreme Cloister declared that board can be captivated accountable for the accomplishments of their clients, even if the action is a crime.

“Thus, if a artful investigator or advice broker’s (hereinafter “investigator” collectively) acknowledgment of advice to a applicant creates a accountable accident of bent delinquency adjoin the third being whose advice was disclosed, the investigator owes a assignment to exercise reasonable affliction not to accountable the third being to an absurd accident of harm. In free whether the accident of bent delinquency is accountable to an investigator, we appraise two risks of advice acknowledgment active by this case: stalking and appearance theft.”


Recently an out-of-State investigator was ordered to cost over $110, 00.00 in accumulation she fabricated afterwards accepting blast assessment annal by pretext. For a longtime this was a gray area. Recent Federal Legislation makes this illegal, but there are still casework alms to do it, they just leave out the affectation allotment in their advertising.


The GLB (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) is one law that governs activities in accessing assertive abstracts sources which are acclimated in accomplishing backgrounds or skip archetype for law firms. A being accept to accept a permissible purpose beneath the GBL to admission data, like acclaim headers. It cannot be resold to the public.

The GLB aswell restricts pretexting to admission banking information, but it does leave allowance for plan what involves convalescent funds from deadbeat dads.


Accessing DMV advice is harder actuality than in added States. Federal Law, the Driver Aloofness Aegis Act, allows for admission “in apprehension of litigation.” Sadly we did not chase that and RSA 260:14 is far added restrictive. Not alone do you charge a calendar amount but a letter of account anecdotic what you charge and why you charge it. Intrusive, but it is the law.


Clandestine Surveillance is accustomed beneath RSA 106-f. Note the approved appellation “clandestine.” Theoretically, stalking should not be an issue, but it became one in the Miller V. Blackden decision. Surveillance is an barring to the stalking law, if done properly. It is not stalking provided the action is “necessary to achieve a accepted purpose absolute of authoritative acquaintance with the targeted person.” (633: 3-a)

Clearly a artful surveillance is adequate actuality and this is what the Legislature intended. It is an ‘in your face’, not so clandestine, surveillance that is banned beneath assertive circumstances. The accountability is on the investigator to prove he or she has a allowable purpose. The advocate accept to be acquainted of this if allotment surveillance to an investigator.

The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc. (WWW.NHLI.NET) is alive with the Coalition Adjoin Calm and Sexual Abandon to accomplish abiding this is adhered to and training becomes a allotment of the new licensing arrangement for investigators.


An investigator can acquaintance a victim of calm violence, if alive for an attorney, if the investigator:

1. Identifies himself or herself as a adumbrative of the defendant.

2. Acknowledges the actuality of the careful order.

3. Informs the plaintiff that he or she has no obligation to speak.

4. Terminates acquaintance with the plaintiff if the plaintiff expresses an abhorrence to talk.

5. Ensures that any claimed acquaintance with the plaintiff occurs alfresco of the defendant’s presence, unless the cloister has adapted the careful adjustment to admittance such contact.” (633: 3-a).

Make abiding your investigator is acquainted of this.


This was activated to board in the Remsburg decision, accurately in the breadth of “any arbitrary or ambiguous act or convenance in the conduct of any barter or business aural this state.” (RSA 358-a)

Accordingly, we achieve that an investigator who obtains a person’s plan abode by agency of pretextual buzz calling, and again sells the information, may be accountable for amercement beneath RSA affiliate 358-A to the being deceived.


Investigators can serve the accessible and still advance people’s aloofness if asked to locate above friends, army buddies, attached and conflicting ancestors members. Afterwards accepting the identifiers from the client, the investigator tries to locate the subject. If successful, he or she contacts that accountable and asks they acquaintance the client, advertence the reason, and not absolute the person’s abode to the client.


This is a simple issue. New Hampshire is a two-party state, appropriately no chat in being or by buzz can be recorded afterwards accord of all parties. A exact abandonment should be a allotment of every taped account an investigator does for you.


This is a anatomy of abstracts mining, done with alone property, aswell knows as Dumpster Diving. As with abounding added things, New Hampshire treats this differently. In Accompaniment V Goss, the Supreme Cloister addressed the absorbed of the client in attention his debris from a search, citation that abduction it afterwards a accreditation was a Constitutional violation.

While this does not affect accountant investigators, directly, it does, indirectly, if the abstraction were agitated over to the artful sector. While debris may be off the acreage and abandoned, it is the absorbed of the client it be destroyed, not abstracts mined.


Pre-employment screening is addressed here. The investigator accept to accept a abandonment from the employee, on duke and all inquiries accept to chase FCRA guidelines. These guidelines set added standards and procedures for the employer to chase with apropos to adverse accomplishments and added application accompanying decisions.


It looks like any tow account can retrieve a car for a bank. (RSA 367-A: 7 VIII)

(4) whereby a agent or holder of the contract, or added being acting on his behalf, is accustomed to access the buyer’s bounds unlawfully, or to accomplish any aperture of the accord in the acknowledgment of a motor vehicle; (5) whereby the client waives any appropriate of action adjoin the agent or holder of the contract, or added being acting on his behalf, for any actionable act committed in the accumulating of payments beneath the arrangement or in the acknowledgment of the motor vehicle;

They do accept to acquaint the badge aural hours afterwards accomplishing it. (RSA262: 3-A) However to do an analysis to acquisition the collateral, if it is not at the area specificed, does crave a license. RSA 106-F: 4


Ethical conduct is not addressed in the accepted licensing scheme, appropriately no adverse action can be taken for unethical/unprofessional conduct. The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc. (WWW.NHLI.NET) is aggravating to change that with HB 776 which will add testing to admission a license, compulsatory Continuing Education to renew it, and a analogue of ethical conduct to accord the Regulatory Board and Agency (Department of Safety) some accoutrement for enforcement; bigger accessible aegis through college standards.


In adjustment for the attorney/investigator accord to advance both parties charge to be acquainted of the laws administering the investigate activity. I accept been an investigator for abounding years and a affiliate of The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc during that time. I am its Past President. Our associates are kept acquainted of these laws, by way of our publication, our website, and our training. Sadly I still run into non-members, accountant investigators, who ask questions like: “the GLB… what’s that?” The Miller v Blackden accommodation is accession book that can be abhorred by alive the law.


In accession to the educational opportunities available, associates of The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc agree, in writing, to attach to its Code of Able conduct. Membership in the Association is the Hallmark of the Able Investigator in New Hampshire.